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Our Females



Gracie has always been our cuddle bug, but just because she is cuddly does not mean she doesn't have a playful side. She loves to do her daily zoomies and loves a good game of tug-o-war! Gracie is very athletic and comes from championship bloodlines.



Phoenix gives the best hugs (even though she smothers you with all her floof)! She is athletic and loves to run! She has this shy side but is very protective whenever she hears any noise she is not used to she lets us know. She already has great motherly instincts and makes sure all our dogs are taken care of. We can’t wait to see what she is really like with her puppies!



Rouge LOVES being on her back so she can have all the belly rubs! She has a funny personality and has recently started jumping into your arms when asked! She has excellent bone structure and will pass that along to her puppies!

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